Friday, January 18, 2008

Tip Top Lofts

It may just be the designer in me, but I love lofts.

I love the "raw" look in the inside, I love the floor to ceiling windows, and I love the history that some lofts have.

In particular I favour the former Tip Top Tailors Building not to long ago converted to lofts.

But a little bit of history as to why I picked Tip Top Tailors.

My family owns a sailboat, which docks in the harbour just behind Tip Top Tailors. And all I can remember is going up there every weekend from Mississauga and ALWAYS turning at the street with the old factory building Tip Top Tailors is. Also the image of the building just in the background (before the townhouses were put up, which are located just behind
Tip Top Tailors) as we pulled out of the harbor. As well as going for night sails, the red Tip Top Tailers sign was always a visual landmark for me as to where our dock was. Anyways the family has gotten busy and we don't really spend much time on it anymore, I actually haven't been on it in probably 5 years. I do plan to start going again, as I realized it might make for some interesting photographs.

Anyways, I love the area the building is in, the views are spectacular from almost every side, and the building it self is, in my opinion, amazing. Basically my goal is to one day be able to afford to live there. It doesn't have to be the most expensive place there but I know that if I buy a place there I want to eventually work my way up to the more expensive places over time.

Tip Top Tailers

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